Verified License Program

How does it work?

How do you get into the Verified License Program?

  • Newly launched program, helping home owners.
Newly launched program, helping home owners.
We want home owners to never need to deal with unlicensed contractors again!

The Verified License Program’s objective is to make it easier for home owners looking for contractors to be sure their contractor in fact has a license, and that the home owner is therefore not facing a potential big liability issue.

You, the contractor, provide us with the license number of your business, as well as a few other pieces of information. Homesation then goes ahead and verifies the validity of your license, and once done, we create your business’ personal page on Homesation as proof that we were able to verify your license.

Take a look at what your personal page might look like right here.

You are then issued a badge to include on your website, that makes it easy for potential clients to see your dedication to transparency and honest work, and the user will be able to see that your license has been verified by a third party.


Our vision is that this badge will come to signify honesty and trust between home owner and contractor. In turn, it will also mean that visitors coming to your site are more likely to hire you for their home improvement project.

Can you help me integrate the badge on our website?

If you are in need of help for integrating the badge on your site, our developers stand ready to assist you in doing so.

Is there a cost to joining VLP?

We are currently testing the different aspects of the program, but will soon be charging a one-time fee of $65 which will cover the administrative aspects associated with getting new members verified and registered.

Are there other benefits to joining VLP?

Yes, besides showing your future clients your dedication to honesty, and making it easier for them to verify your license, we will also be displaying all our members of VLP on our website in the near future. This means that as the program grows, and home owners come to trust it, they will come to our website, where we will only be displaying our members.

Therefore, we are confident that joining VLP will be beneficial for your company.

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